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I'm an award-winning experienced wedding planner, designing & creating exceptional wedding days for frustrated & overwhelmed couples, who realise it’s now their time to step into the spotlight!

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It’s YOUR wedding day, and it’s going to be the happiest day of your life. But you need help making sure it’s your day and that it’s everything you’ve ever imagined. You’ve been known to be the one who goes along with other people’s plans and want everyone to have an amazing time. But this is YOUR wedding, so when it comes to your own ideas, it’s time to do it your way.  Your time to shine!


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Up steps Beckie Melvin, Experienced wedding planner!

I bet, the minute that you got engaged, everyone was so excited for you, there’s no doubt of that! But as soon as you said what you wanted your big day to look like, the raised eyebrows started; the “are you sure” comments started rolling in and it’s left you wondering if this is going to be a day for you and your beloved or a day to please everyone else?

A stunning venue with light flooding in. Rich, luxurious, foliage & flowers create a backdrop of vibrant colours.  The whole day filled with personal touches that are a true reflection of you. You know what you want, so why shouldn’t you be able to have it? You CAN have that beautiful, perfectly personal wedding day.

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Let me tell you how

By employing my services as a highly experienced wedding planner, you will have my support through the whole process of planning your gorgeous wedding day. You’ll have my knowledge and you’ll have me in your pocket, supporting you in all your decisions, making your vision a reality. You’ll get your life back, no more scrolling directories or scouring magazines or searching Google for the perfect wedding venue, wedding cake maker, wedding florist, wedding decorator to complement to your wedding day. I’ll do all that for you. I don’t take over, this is YOUR day. 

I’m here to work side by side with you, to take on all the stress, leaving you to enjoy your engagement.

You’ll have me, sharing your uncompromising vision, reaching your wedding day excited & ready for the next stage of celebrating your love for your partner surrounded by your friends and family. 

From first contact to first dance, and then to your next adventure, you have my support every step of the way. So come on, let’s chat about YOUR plans this time. I can’t wait to hear all of your ideas.

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