Emerald Orchid Weddings Presents DIY Wedding Planning

You're newly engaged, wanting to organise the wedding of all weddings, to wow guests with originality & personality.


HOWEVER, where to start? Over the course of 4 years, I have perfected & crafted this ground-breaking approach to wedding planning.


You need support & to have all the wedding planning expertise at your fingertips. Well in these courses, you get EVERYTHING. With over a decade's worth of expertise & experience, and hundreds of weddings under my belt, it's time to teach YOU how to be a wedding planner, without the cost of hiring one for the full wedding planning service.

With easy-to-follow sections to work through at YOUR own pace, everything is set out clearly & simply, all you need to do is set aside time each week or every few weeks to work through the simple steps.


Click the image to secure YOUR copy of this fabulous wedding planning service.


Sounds perfect, right? Well, that's because it is. The cost to hire a wedding planner is often out of a couple's reach, although I am TOTALLY worth the price AND I'll save you that amount plus more.


But for couples like yourself who are wanting to plan their own wedding, with help along the way, this service is a perfect choice.