Introducing wedding planner in your pocket

Taking you from overwhelmed by wedding planning, to feet up, reclaiming your time, & loving your engagement!

In the picture is a bride in a rainbow dress, with bright coloured flowers, blue shoes & a floral headpiece. The groom is in a grey suit with white shirt & brown shoes. he is helping her walk across a blue bridge, at Flaxbourne Gardens, outdoor wedding venue in Milton Keynes.

Congratulations! You’re engaged But the reality has kicked in and you’re overwhelmed by all the planning you have ahead and you had zero clue it would require this much ADMIN…Erggh!

Don’t panic, I’ve got you with my exclusive Wedding Planner in your Pocket Service - the perfect way to plan your fabulous day with zero frustration & confusion, instead, you’ll be planning just how an experienced wedding planner would so that you can go from overwhelmed to planning a wedding as exceptional as you are.

Say no more

we're ready!


Peaky blinders wedding, bridesmaid sits in front of an oval mirror on a coral colured velvet chair. She wears a long, deep teal sating bridesmaid dress & has a bouquet of blue & white flowers.

In just 8 super short sessions I will help you take care of all the wedmin with ease so that you can enjoy all the fun bits once again.



To have my FULL wedding support starts at £5000 but you can access ALL of my knowledge & expertise, to plan your wedding just as I would as an experienced planner, right now for just £47!

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You’ll walk away with everything you need when it comes to planning YOUR Day YOUR way.

You'll learn...


  • How to nail all of the essentials such as budgeting and the non-negotiables you need to know so you can feel in control from day one, with no nasty surprises.


  • How to confidently deal with suppliers, the things to ALWAYS ask, and even what to look for when it comes spotting potential spammers.


  • How you can produce a guilt-free guest list so you can enjoy the process of inviting who you want to celebrate with you


  • Ultimately, you will feel your most confident in the whole process of planning so you can truly have the celebration that you want!

What is included


  • 8 simple videos with downloads detailing just how you book each element of your wedding. 
  • Free downloads & checklists to keep your plans so you can stay on track at all points over your wedding planning journey
  • 4 virtual accountability days where you’ll have access to me, allowing you time to get my expertise & eyes on your plans.
  • A final one-to-one with me, taking my knowledge, expertise & eyes on your plans to ensure you have everything in place to plan in confidence. 
  • PLUS! 18 months of access to all the materials meaning you can use the sessions to book services at your pace.
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Wedding planning is probably one of THE most exciting times of your life as you get to plan what you have always wanted;


  • the most dreamy wedding venues, 
  • that awesome wedding cake, 
  • that fabulous food to make it an event to remember
  • A celebration that’s unforgettable
  • And a wedding that is beyond Pinterest-worthy!

You have it all planned out in your head, even down to the song that you are walking down the aisle to.


But now you are feeling like…

  • There is so much to think about, so much to source & so many wedding suppliers to book and you’ve started to realise there is SO much to think about. 
  • There’s not enough time in the day to balance work, life, drink enough water AND wedding plan and you crave more than ever to be able to spend time with your partner.
  • You just don’t know where to start with it all and you just want someone to take it all away, but you know that the things have to be done! 
  • The list getting longer than your phone number of things that you just wish were done, and suppliers are being confusing or evasive in their responses … that’s if you can get hold of them at all!

If only it was as easy as these free downloadable checklists tell you, right?!



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Wedding planning seems to be like a minefield, with all of the choices available to you across a range of directories & social media. Every wedding supplier is telling you that THEY'RE the perfect fit for your gorgeous wedding day and it’s all just noise.


Take a deep breath because I SEE YOU. 


  • I understand how it feels when everyone has an opinion on what you should be doing on your special day!🙄
  • You’re now questioning every decision that you make, right? Thinking about what you “should” be doing, or at least in the eyes of everyone around you.
  • You should be having traditional wedding cars because that’s what your parents had
  • You should be getting married in that church in the village you grew up in, it's a family tradition.
  • You must have a fruit cake because your Aunt thinks that’s what people expect at a wedding, even though you hate it with a passion.
  • You can’t have your first dance to that dance classic that was playing in the club where you met because it’s not a ‘traditional’ first dance song’.
  • And even though it’s not in your budget, you feel the pressure to be spending six figures on your wedding day because that is what your colleague did.

Sound familiar?

Well, time to drop a truth bomb your way

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💗It’s YOUR love, it’s YOUR celebration, it’s YOUR time to be the centre of attention!

You can plan the wedding celebration that you have always dreamt of, you just need the confidence and know-how to do it, whilst keeping the opinions of others at arm's length!


To have my FULL wedding support starts at £5000 but you can access ALL of my knowledge & expertise, to plan your wedding just as I would as an experienced planner, right now for just £47!



The Planner in your Pocket is the perfect way to plan your wedding in confidence, knowing every element has been covered & nothing missed. You’ll cruise through your engagement, living on your happy cloud & enjoying every moment of the journey towards your epic wedding, and happily married life beyond the big day.

No more mindless scrolling & frustration at sourcing suitable suppliers. Oh no. With Wedding Planner in your Pocket, you have specific search terms. You know JUST where to find your tribe of wedding vendors.

You’ll have me there, guiding you through the process, so no more going in blind! An expert at your side, showing you the way of less wedding planning stress.

You can complete your wedding planning at a steady pace, which is ideal for no stress, no frustration & overwhelm, & instead means you enjoying the process!


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  • You who wants the confidence to book every little detail of your wedding day the way that you wanted it to be….
  • Whilst..Having the knowledge and guidance of a multi-award winning wedding planner to show you how to do it in a structured way….
  • Without…The fluff and the BS!

Well….. I got you Boo!!


Wedding Planner in your Pocket has been created for couples like you! 

Far too many people get involved in a couple’s planning, putting forward what they think they ‘should have’. It’s not about following other people’s plans, it’s about following your own!

Imagine, by the end of this year, you could have your whole wedding planned, stress free! 

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Session 1 - The essentials: Budget, style, vision & non negotiables

As Julie Andrews says in The Sound of Music “Let's start at the very beginning. A very good place to start.” Without these essentials in place, wedding planning will be impossible. So let’s get you off on the right foot. 

Session 2 - Picking & sourcing a venue, & the importance of wedding insurance

Ah the backdrop to your whole day! Each venue has it’s own merits, and once you’ve set your style, it’ll be exciting seeing just what’s available & who can host your big day for you. You’ll also learn what is wedding insurance, & just why it’s so important to secure some.

Session 3 - Suppliers & how to spot a scammer

I’m sure you’ll agree that with their being a HUGE amount of choice of suppliers available to bring your big day to life! But what do you need to look for, what do you need to ask them, and how do you pick them? In this section you’ll learn the answer to ALL those questions, and more! Before learning some tips on how to spot the unscrupulous scoundrels. Not a nice thought, but important to know.

Session 4 - All things confidence!

When you face questions & opinions on all of your wedding choices, it can wear you down quite quickly. So this section will show you that you can have the day you want while feeling confident in your choices. I’ll even give you some diplomatic responses to those unwanted opinions. How to be firm but polite in standing by YOUR choices for your wedding day.

Session 5 - Outfit & accessories

What will you wear on your wedding day? How can you choose? In this session we’ll look at the options available, & think about just how each one will make you feel like a million dollars, whatever it is you’ve always dreamed of wearing.

Session 6 - Guilt-free guest list, seating plans & creating a timeline

Weddings can bring out a slight political side when you’re looking at who to invite & where to seat them. So how do you go about creating the day that YOU want with confidence & no stress? Use my easy-to-follow steps & you’ll find it a breeze! 

Session 7 - Food & drink

Ah one of my favourite subjects! Food & drink are SUCH an important part of a wedding, not least because it’s a chance to sit with all your favourite people, celebrating a wonderful time together while enjoying fabulous food & drink. Let’s think about all the options available to you, from food trucks to 3-course sit downs, and everything in between. 

Session 8 - Final checks & what's next

Well you’ve absolutely nailed your wedding planning, confidently choosing & booking each element. You’ve done so well! So let’s run back through, double check everything, and then think about what comes next! Get you!!

Black & white photo of Beckie, laughing & holding up a notebook that says "Chaos Coordinator". She is sitting in her office.

So, why me?

I’m Beckie, I’m an award-winning, supportive wedding planner, designing & creating exciting wedding days for couples who realise it’s now their time to step into the spotlight!

When I got engaged in 2004, I was so excited! I wanted a wedding that was different, funky, individual & I had epic ideas for how I was going to make that happen!

I wanted to get married wearing a white trouser suit & top hat, at a hotel on the edge of a lake in The Lake District. I wanted a round top table, with sausage and mash as my main, because I didn’t want fancy food, it didn’t feel like me. I think if I could’ve got away with it, I would have had fish & chips but sadly my venue didn’t provide that! I wanted a wedding that was true to ME & my partner that I could remember for a lifetime. After all, that’s what weddings are for right? To be a reflection of you? But I think we’ve fallen into the trap of having traditional weddings or a wedding for Pinterest because it’s trendy at the time.

But what about you? Do you want to sit back in 5 years’ time and wish you’d done it differently? Damn right you don’t.

My motto is “your day, YOUR way” & I have loved being part of so many amazing wedding days. But… it’s never enough! I always want to help more couples like you to have the best possible wedding day, by working with me as your wedding planner.

So, I created wedding Planner in your Pocket.

Ready to go from overwhelmed to Oh Yeah?!??

Even though you have access to over £2000 worth of expertise & value, you’ll be able to snag ALL these elements of support for your wedding planning journey for just £47


Peaky blinders wedding, bridesmaid sits in front of an oval mirror on a coral colured velvet chair. She wears a long, deep teal sating bridesmaid dress & has a bouquet of blue & white flowers.

This is your wedding your way and you should be enjoying every step of the process. I am ready to be the wedding planner in your pocket to take all of the stress away, so you can enjoy the fun bits like sashaying down the aisle and having an epic day.

If you have any questions about Wedding Planner in your Pocket or would like to chat further about it you can email me using the button below. Beckie x

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How quickly can I start working through Wedding Planner in your Pocket?

Immediately after purchase! Everything will be delivered straight to your inbox, ready to start when you are.

How is Wedding Planner in your Pocket delivered?

Via pre-recorded videos, with downloadable PDFs for accountability.

Will there be a replay?

The sessions  are pre-recorded, meaning you can re-watch at any point over the following  18 months.

I’m not in a position to book anything yet for my wedding. Would I still benefit from Wedding Planner in your pocket?

Yes, definitely! The information that you will learn from me is relevant, and remains so, for months and years to come. It won’t “expire”.

My wedding isn’t going to be traditional, will Wedding Planner in your Pocket still be relevant to my ideas?

Absolutely! As you have heard me say many times, it’s about your wedding day, YOUR way, however that looks. From boho to black & white, alternative to traditional, and all the looks in between - the Wedding Planner in your Pocket will give you the confidence to plan the wedding of YOUR dreams.


I am looking to have a destination wedding, can Wedding planner in your Pocket help me?

For sure! You can use the accountability sessions to tap into my wealth of knowledge & connections across the globe. Together we’ll leave no stone unturned.


Can I share Wedding Planner in your Pocket with my friends & family?

If your friends & family want to support you in the process, that is great! However, Wedding Planner in your Pocket is bespoke to YOU, so if a member of your circle is getting married, here is your unique referral code for them to receive a FREE gift from me when they book (& one for you too as a thank you)


How are payments taken?

Using a secure card payment system, using Stripe. You can use Visa, Mastercard or Amex.