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Introducting The Emerald Sessions

The 1-day wedding planner, taking you from overwhelmed to owning your wedding planning like a pro, letting you enjoy the process & look forward to your special day.

Beckie Emerald Orchid Weddings, wedding planner, is standing with a friend. She wears a pink floral jumpsuit. Her wedding celebrant friend Ann Foley wears a green dress. They are both looking at a document together. Beckie has blonde hair, Ann has brown hair, they stand in a conservatory at a wedding venue Plum Park Manor in Northampton.

Congratulations! You’re engaged & I bet you are excited to plan a wedding that’s as exceptional as you are.


But the reality has hit that there’s quite a lot to do and you’re overwhelmed by all that goes into planning a wedding  & it’s left you with no clue where to start? 


It's OK, I've got you!

Let me introduce you to The Emerald Sessions - wedding planning made simple!

  • Do you ever feel like there is information overload, when trying to look for suppliers?
  • Have you downloaded all the free checklists, but still don’t know where to start?
  • Are you losing HOURS down a scroll-hole of wedding directories & social media accounts, looking for ideas??
  • AND there’s the constant opinions & “helpful suggestions” from friends & family, whether or not you’ve asked for their input!

BUT here’s the thing - you KNOW what you want, you know want to be able to get it with ease!

Bride and groom at peaky blinders wedding. They raise a glass to each other & gaze into each others eyes. There are silver candles in the foreground, and crystalware on the table. The groom wears a tweed suit with white shirt & black polkadot tie. The bride wears a strapless cream lace wedding dress, with a pearl headband on her hair. She has black floral tattoos on her upper arm. Both look blissfully happy!

Picture the scene:

You’re excited & looking forward to creating the wedding of your dreams, to cracking the spine on your new notebook & enjoying your wedding planning. 


So you start to have a look on t’internet, maybe bring out a wedding mag… Woohoo!


Then you dive into the wedding directories & stalk social media accounts. WOW there is so much choice!

Look at all these glorious wedding suppliers with their fantastic skills! and oh. My. GOD….


At this point, you are completely bombarded with ideas, tips, tricks, essentials, suppliers tell you they’re perfect for you, venues sending you email after email & it is quite frankly INSANITY.


How overwhelming??

Ok stop.


Deep breath, count to 10, get a cuppa.

Because I fully understand & empathise! But not only that, I swear – hand on heart, on my shoes – that you will have my support to get this sorted. And in only a day, with the Emerald Sessions - my one day wedding planning service.



Simple: You use my expertise to support you in your wedding planning. 


I can help you see the trees rather than the whole wood. I will make everything seem simple & easy to manage. Plus I guarantee you’ll find the enjoyment in your wedding plans & engagement because that’s what I am passionate about, removing overwhelm & holding your hand through the process so that you can rock it!


Now usually, you go along with other people’s plans, because it’s easier right? I mean, their ideas are fun & enjoyable, there’s no doubt about that.

You do have a good time. But just once, you’d like other people to follow YOUR plan, and the perfect opportunity for that is your wedding day.



Introducing The Emerald Sessions

– a FULL day of wedding planning. Yes, seriously, a one day wedding planning service. This is everything that you need to plan your wedding in just ONE day, meaning you can go & enjoy the rest of the process.

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This will help you to get off to the best start by giving you all the tools & strategies to plan in confidence.

Or it can help you in the middle of your planning. When everything seems to be a big bloody tangle & you can’t see the wood for the trees.

The Emerald Sessions can even help you at the end of your planning. To help you check that everything is in place to ensure your day goes off without a hitch.


How does this one day wedding planning service work?


  • Over the course of the day, we’ll sit & get to know each other, chat about you 2. Plus your relationship, your shared likes & dislikes, so that we’re all on the same page with what your exceptional wedding will be like.



  • Together, we'll discover what your vision for your perfect wedding day looks like, because what you have on your Pinterest board CAN be a reality!



  • With my help, we'll map out the type of venue that would suit. This includes you receiving a precise list of questions to ask them so that you know which one will be THE one. The whole day is based around your venue, so it’s important we get it nailed.



  • We’ll talk about the styling for your day. How various items will look. Colours. Textures & tones. Specifics.
  • You’ll get a mood-board created for you. Because this is something you can share with suppliers, to ensure that they know just what’s required to create this vision for you.



  • We’ll create a list of suppliers / industries that you’ll need to create this fabulous day. This includes you receiving my secrets to how to spot a scammer, as well as other useful tips. All leading to confident planning with these people by your side.


But don’t worry if you’re already in the middle of wedding planning, this service is still for you…

You’ll be able to pick my brains on anything that is frustrating or overwhelming you. I’ll give you all the information that you need in an easy-to-follow format, meaning after our day together, you can still move forward easily with your wedding planning Furthermore, you’ll receive support & guidance, created just for you, for you to use to untangle those plans & to continue to plan in confidence.


We’ll ensure that the ideas you have for your big day are in line with what your suppliers are offering. That your venue is on track with your plans. That you 2 know you have all the support that you need to continue with your wedding planning. The personalised guidance I provide you with means confident planning & the exceptional wedding that you’ve been dreaming of.


If you’re at the end of your wedding planning journey, well this is the perfect way to tie up loose ends & to look forward to your day.

Together we’ll check that all your suppliers & venue are in line with your vision & know what is expected of them. That your timelines are achievable. That your day is looking to be a relaxed & exciting time, with no untoward incidents raising their head.

We’ll even put some Plan B’s in place, to mitigate anything that may crop up on the day, because you always need a plan B where possible!

Where does all this take place?

At a beautiful central London location, where we’ll also have a fabulous lunch together.

All you need to bring is yourselves & any plans, ideas, etc that you already have. And I’ll do the rest. I am here to help you to make your day, your way and my mission is to ensure you walk away with a plan for exactly how to make that happen.


My usual wedding planning services start at £5000 but this exclusive offer gets you all of the above for just £947. With limited spaces available, drop me an email to make sure you’ve snagged YOUR spot in my diary.

If all this sounds like a dream come true, then send me a message & let's chat more! - I can't wait to chat more!

Beckie x