Bride and groom at peaky blinders wedding. They raise a glass to each other & gaze into each others eyes. There are silver candles in the foreground, and crystalware on the table. The groom wears a tweed suit with white shirt & black polkadot tie. The bride wears a strapless cream lace wedding dress, with a pearl headband on her hair. She has black floral tattoos on her upper arm. Both look blissfully happy!

Frequently asked Wedding Questions

A peaky blinders wedding, photo shows bride in a cream lace strapless wedding dress with a train. Her bridesmaid to he left wears a deep teal satin dress, holding a bouquet of blue flowers. to the brides right her bridesmaid wears a deep wine red sating wedding dress and holds a matching bouquet of bright green fronds, and red & white flowers. The final bridesmaid on the right wears a champagne satin bridesmaid dress and holds a bouquet of spiky foliage, feathers & protea flowers.

Photo credit: Two-D Photography



Got some questions on wedding planning? Then read on for some Frequently Asked Wedding Questions. Please get in touch if you have your own question! Bxx

Aren’t wedding planners a luxury?
NO! We’re essential. Wedding planning is tough & chances are you’ve never done it before. You don’t know what to look for, the questions to ask, what to avoid… all things a planner does on the daily.

Don’t wedding planners take over?
NOT this one! All decisions & choices are still yours. I just remove the frustration, stress & endless admin.

Don’t you only work with really funky couples?
Nope! As long as YOU are happy & want to have your day YOUR way, then I’ll work with you. You gorgeous exceptional couple

Don’t I have to use your industry friends, who’ll give you kickbacks?  NOPE! I’ll match you with suppliers based on personality, budget, availability & ability. Plus I don’t get commission. I run on what’s best for YOU, not me.

What’s the process after I get in touch?
First of all, we’ll set up a meeting or Zoom call (or telephone call if preferred) where we’ll have a relaxed chat about your plans & ideas so far. It lasts no more than 45 mins & I guarantee you'll be smiling & chill by the time we say goodbye! 

I then create a bespoke quote for you, which will detail the service that will best suit your plans.

You can book with a 25% deposit (card or BACS) & after that, we're ready to go!


How much does it cost?


Ah that's the bottom line isn't it? The bit everyone scrolls through the page for. Well, it depends on which service you go for, and what level of support you feel benefits you the most. Every quote I provide is bespoke to you, so let’s have a chat about how I can best serve you.

How long have you been planning weddings?
Over 10 years. I have been involved in over 100 weddings, have worked with hundreds of suppliers & venues across the UK, & can honestly say have loved every wedding that I’ve been honoured enough to plan.

Can I see some testimonials?
Sure! They are all over the website (like on the home page in a scrolling gallery). I also regularly share them on my social media & would be happy to share the originals with you too 🙂

Are you really this nice?
Haha yes I really am. I adore my job & I can’t help but be hugely passionate about your wedding day plans & ideas. I'm a natural empath, meaning I want to support you in any way I can because I feel all the feels that you feel...  

What’s your favourite wedding that you’ve done?
Oh I honestly can’t choose! There’ve been large Italian weddings (oh the food!), festival weddings (the music!!), colourful rainbow weddings, intimate weddings, grand weddings… each one as awesome as the next. No favourites here!