Full Wedding Planning - the big one! Charlotte & Richard - 14 Oct '23

In January 2023, I had a wonderful weekend where I booked 2 fabulous couples for full wedding planning services, one of which was the gorgeous Charlotte & Richard. We agreed to meet at a local bar to chat about what they would like support on, & ended up putting the world to rights over a few bottles of wine. Happy days!

Charlotte was on maternity leave & wanted to enjoy her time off with their new son, while Richard had a new business he was working tirelessly on. However, they also knew they wanted to get married this year, which is what led them to contacting me - they wanted to keep enjoying their engagement & their home life, while their fabulously funky wedding day came to life with my help.


While we chatted over wine, they described what their favourite colours & time of year were - autumn & Hallowe'en, especially the autumnal colours of bronze, deep red, emerald green. This is a theme that would run through their whole day, from date itself to the venue to the styling, even Charlottes' (emerald green!) wedding dress. Gorgeous.



From start to finish, we spoke almost every single day & I guided them through the whole wedding planning process. The number of WhatsApp voice-notes between myself & Charlotte was hilarious, poor Richard would pop his head up every now & again & try to catch up but we were well away haha!  

From setting a budget & a theme, to sourcing the venue, setting the date, finding suppliers to create their perfect wedding day, advising on navigating the usual family politics that weddings seem to bring up…


I was there for it all. 


For the moments when it all got a bit too much & bridezilla threatened to come out, where they would call to chat about everything & to get their whirling thoughts back under control. 

For celebrating their legal ceremony the day before. 

For finding the perfect compliment to create this stunning day.

Every moment was a real joy to explore with them, to see their thoughts untangle & become tangible plans towards having their idyllic wedding day at the gorgeous barn at the Rose & Crown in Old Welwyn.


As time moved on through the 9 months of working together, I started to work on the logistics. At this point, I created workable timelines & floorplans with the venue & suppliers.

The little details were ironed out & double-confirmed.

The Rundown

Then on the day, from first thing to first dance, I was supporting, encouraging & celebrating with them. 

Meeting, greeting & placing suppliers.

Overseeing & assisting with the set up of the room.

I met them both at the top of the aisle, where they walked in together in a true show of unity & dropping the traditions.


Having set up my phone on the barn's sound system, I coordinated the music for their aisle walk. A beautiful bit of Motown to get us dancing in our seats.


Over the course of the day, I ensured we were sticking to the timeline. And where things needed to be adjusted, ensure I was keeping in touch with the venue to ensure each element of the day - such as toasts & speeches, food etc were going to plan.

The biggest task as ever on a wedding day was making sure that Char & Rich were fully present & enjoying their day.

I'd say from the huge hugs from both at the end of the night & the subsequent gorgeous feedback that I delivered on this promise.

We've since stayed in touch & I'm looking forward to catching up over a few glasses of the "expensive wine" in the coming weeks 🙂 All the love, Bxx


PS want to chat about how YOUR wedding day can go faultlessly with my full wedding planning service? Then email me on info@emeraldorchidweddings.co.uk & let's chat over a glass of something chilled. Bxx

Char & Rich Feedback 14 October 2023