Self care club & the pressures of Christmas

Over the next few weeks (as has been the case for the last few months!) more & more pressure is being piled on.

💥TV adverts
💥Social media
💥Newspapers & magazines
💥Your friends & family

 All telling us what we *should* be doing.

⚫We *should* be spending time with anyone & everyone
⚫We should even buy new furniture to accommodate this huge gathering for the Christmas period
⚫We should buy presents for everyone, even those we barely see
⚫We should spend time with people that, let's be honest, can compromise our mental health
⚫We should cook ALL the food & eat it & celebrate & smile, then in the new year feel guilty about the bills & extra weight we've got...
⚫We should all wear matching PJs & have a coordinated tree with photos of us all sitting together around it smiling, even the dog
⚫Then we should post these photos all over social media to show the world just how perfect our life is in - even if that "perfection" is a filter & actually, life feels a little bit too much.
Here's the thing.


At the heart of Christmas is Peace.


Celebration of life.

🩷We don't need to spend £000s to have a wonderful time.
🩷We don't have to spend time with anyone who makes us feel shit about ourselves (even if it's direct family & you think you need to see them)
🩷We don't need to buy all the food, to eat until we're sick, to have a beautiful Christmas.
🩷We don't need to have the perfect tree or matching PJs or best-behaved dog to have a joyful Christmas (HA!! As you know, I DEF don't have the best-behaved dog!)
🩷We don't even need to acknowledge Christmas if it doesn't sit with where we are mentally. No, seriously, if you're not in the headspace to celebrate then don't.
What Christmas means (to me at least) is kindness & compassion & that includes being kind to MYSELF.
I don't feel guilty about not seeing certain people.
I don't buy presents for people I don't see during the rest of the year.
I don't try & present a perfect life to the online world, because my life is wonderfully imperfect.
I'm checking in with my closest friends (aka my chosen family) who I love as much as my own family members.
At this time of year in particular, pressure for Christmas, ADDED to the pressure of wedding planning, can cause your mental health to take a dive.
Choose kindness, joy & self-care.

Choose yourself.

Let me know in the comments which part of the Christmas pressure YOU'VE experienced recently!
Much love, Bxx