Peaky blinders wedding bride, looking serenely to the side. She wears her dark red hair in an up do, with a pearl headband. Her wedding dress is cream lace & strapless. She holds a large bouquet of green fronds of foliage & purple flowers.

Have you been pressing the big red button?

You'll hear me talk about wedding overwhelm a LOT, and for good reason! In a world that has become HUGE with the advent of technology, it can feel like an unending task to create a vision that's truly personal to you, in a SEA of faces & names. Tell me if the following sounds like what YOU'RE experiencing.

I want you to take a moment to imagine that you have a big red button by the side of your bed (wait, you naughty buggers! Read on!) And the moment you wake up, you hit this big red button, which opens your door & 100 people rush into your room. All clamouring for your attention, trying to tell you about jeans, or save the bees, or what they ate last night, or to vote for their kid in a competition, or to sell you the secret to a stress free wedding...


You just about shimmy them out, and get on with your day.


Then at lunchtime, you spot that big red button on your desk at work & think "Oh! I wonder if that's the same as the one this morning?" So you hit it and BOOM!! A different 100 people flood the room, shouting & waving & telling you to BUY THE STUFF NOW and that your life is gonna be crap without this floral display or that dress.

Shit's sake, this is crazy! You have to eat your lunch but you can't concentrate because you're trying to walk through the crowd while ignoring them AND eating at the same time...


It's finally time to go home & while you sit on the train, you glance down and what do you know? There's a red button on the seat next to you!

Now come on. You've seen 2 of these today so you KNOW what happens when you press it.

So you don't.

For 5 min anyway, then the temptation gets too much & you think "it won't be as mad as earlier!" you press it & f**k sake yet another 100 people CROWD into the carriage!! The noise is RIDICULOUS, the range of things they're talking about is anything from news to fashion to products to people to everything in between....

You can't focus, you can't hear anything specific, & you almost miss your stop because you're distracted.

You walk home, take a few hours out to chat to your partner, have a nice dinner together & settle down to watch your favourite show on Netflix.

Out the corner of your eye, you spot... a big red button on the sofa! What the hell?? That's not always been there, has it?

Well, you surreptitiously press it while there's quiet dialogue on the screen & suddenly, yep, 100 people schlep into your lounge.

Oh GOD what have you done?

Sure they're whispering, but there's 100 people & it's busy & crowded & you can't see the TV anymore, you're missing bits of your favourite programme that you've been SO excited to watch & you think "I wish I hadn't done that!".

Finally, it's time for bed. You settle in with your book, maybe listen to a mindfulness podcast & just as you're dropping off, you spot the button that you woke up to this morning, right there in your eyeline.

Well, you're not as tired as you thought you were! What's the worst that can happen?

You're only gonna press it quickly... BOOM. Yet another 100 people have invaded your room & now you're DEFINITELY awake, trying to make sense of it all.


You'll be lucky to get to sleep once they've all told you their news & you've processed it all...

Now if you haven't quite got a grasp on what the red button is, it's your phone & when you "hit the button", that's when you're opening your social media feed, Pinterest feed, wedding directory app etc.

You might have good intentions & think that scrolling the dozens of accounts or images are just so you can gather information, but honestly, each & every one adds to the noise & THIS is where the overwhelm comes in.


When you're opening up those feeds in every spare minute that you have, you're missing out on SO much.

You're missing being fully present with your friends & family.

You're missing getting some proper rest & downtime.

You're sacrificing your free time just to have more & more people tell you what THEY think is best for you.

What's the solution?

Well, I'm a gentlevoice but have a strong opinion on this!

You need someone to silence the myriad of voices & instead put just a couple of people in front of you at a time, at times that are convenient to YOU.

On YOUR terms.

Who meet your budget, vision AND are guaranteed to be bloody lovely people.

Not 100s of people to sift through, not dozens, I'm talking 5 at the absolute MAX.

Then in between meeting these few people, you'll have time to breathe & process & talk about what you've discovered.

You need someone who's done this before. Who can spot the awesome ones from the mediocre ones.

Who can see a scammer coming & put their hand out to block them.

Who can explain things without the use of acronyms & weird terminology.

Who do I suggest?

Raises hand

"I volunteer as tribute!" (The Hunger Games for those who were wondering where they've heard it before).

I've been where you are.

I've done what you're doing, trying to balance everything.

I've felt how you're feeling.

I want you to press the GREEN button now.

The one that will lead you to calm, serenity, & a simpler way of wedding planning. DM me, let's chat, quietly 1 on 1.


I promise you, we'll have a blast & I'll be able to silence the confusion for you, sending you away with a plan of just how to get the wedding you both want.

See you in my emails (click the link: here) & until then, STOP pressing that bloody red button!! All love, Bxx


ALL PHOTOS (inc featured image) by the FABULOUS Two-D Photography