Peaky Blinders wedding group shot in the foyer of Plum Park wedding venue in Northampton. Bride & groom in the centre, sitting on a bright blue velvet sofa. The wedding dress is strapless, cream lace with a train & the bride holds a large bouquet of green fronds of foliage & purple flowers. The groom has his arm around her, and wears a tweed 3 piece suit with red tie. 2 groomsmen stand to the back right, 1 wearing a dark grey 3 piece suit & the other wearing a tweed 3 piece suit. To the couples left, a bridesmaid sits on the arm of the sofa, wearing a bright red velvet dress & holding a matching bouquet of bright green foliage with red & white flowers. Finally a groomsman stands to the far left of the photo, wearing a dark grey 3 piece suit.

Dealing with the dreaded wedding planning overwhelm

To all the wonderful couples reading this...

Over the last few years, the world has changed. Or maybe it's just me who's changed? Tell me if this is familiar & that you're feeling the same way with wedding overwhelm.


I've always prided myself on being strong and independent. I love a challenge and am never happier than when I'm sitting, pen in hand, notebook pages filling up with to-do lists, ready to tick off tasks and feel like I'm moving forward.

My signature move?


A casual wave of the hand and the words "oh, no, thanks for offering but I don't need any help!"

But here's the thing.

Bride and groom at peaky blinders wedding. They raise a glass to each other & gaze into each others eyes. There are silver candles in the foreground, and crystalware on the table. The groom wears a tweed suit with white shirt & black polkadot tie. The bride wears a strapless cream lace wedding dress, with a pearl headband on her hair. She has black floral tattoos on her upper arm. Both look blissfully happy!


The last couple of years, I've started to raise my hand and accept those offers. I even go out and search for help, being proactive in my approach to helping myself.

And do you know something?

It's made me even better at what I do!

No one thinks I'm weak for asking for support. That's just a silly idea that I created in my own mind.

I enjoy every task that I undertake and tackle.
My creativity knows no limits.
I can think clearer.
I am no longer overwhelmed or frustrated.
And I've become closer to those in my circle as a result of sharing with them.

I know you're a strong, independent person. But I also know that even the strongest of us need support.

Are YOU ready to ask for help in your wedding planning?


Whether you've been engaged a day, a month, a year, you reach that point where it's all piled up and you can't figure out the path ahead.

So take my hand, I will lead you with kindness through whichever element of your wedding planning is causing you to feel overwhelmed. No judgement, no opinions, just support. You ready? See you in my emails -

With love, Bxx