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Wedding venue coordinator vs on the day coordinator

There’s a lot of confusion over what the difference is between a venue coordinator and an independent on-the-day wedding coordinator. So I’m here to help put your thoughts into order. 


Who am I to tell you this? Well, I’ve been an independent wedding planner for around 15 years, AND I was a venue coordinator for 6 years, so I have worked on BOTH sides of the wedding planning journey.

Let's start with the role of a wedding venue manager / wedding venue coordinator.


Many venues have a venue coordinator (also referred to as a wedding manager or wedding coordinator.)


Their main responsibility is to be your designated point of contact with the venue, regarding questions about the venue.


They facilitate and oversee all of the details regarding your wedding, ensuring the venue has all the information that it requires. This person is involved, usually from when you first view the venue, right up to and including the day itself.

They are familiar with room locations, layouts, and venue occupancy numbers. Logistics, timings & numbers.

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Along with the culinary team, they plan, organise and develop the food and beverage services at your venue. They also respond to the many emails and phone calls from prospective couples looking to get married at the venue. Most importantly, they manage a large volume of files related to each of the venue’s scheduled weddings and keeping all of the details organised.


Most venues have around 100 or more weddings a year, often doing two or more events on any given weekend.

The venue's wedding coordinator is expected to maintain details on each wedding, including all of the relevant information for each particular couple such as menu choices, final guest counts, etc.

They also manage many of the other details such as AV equipment or furniture required, they make sure the timeline you’re suggesting will actually work with the culinary team and event staff, plus much more. 


Depending on their work schedule, they may or may not be there on the actual day of the wedding. (Rest assured that the venue will have appointed someone as the main contact person on the wedding day to make sure that everything goes according to plan.)


Regardless, it is unlikely for only one person to be there for the entire duration of your wedding. More often than not, one person will manage things during the day and then pass the reins to an evening event manager. 


Venue wedding coordinators work very hard and do their absolute best to ensure that their clients have a great experience at the venue, but remember that they work for their venue.


Their primary responsibility is to manage the details that the venue needs. They may offer some advice along the way, but they are not your personal wedding planner. To expect them to take on the same responsibilities is unrealistic and unwise.


On the other hand, there is me – a Wedding Planner (also known as On-The-Day Wedding Coordinator).

I’m experienced in all areas of your wedding, working directly with you.

It is my responsibility to professionally guide you through the entire process.

I get to know your personal style, along with your vision for the wedding.

I work with you to find the best venue and vendors that will help make the couple’s

wedding vision become a reality.


I work with you on your logistical elements, like timelines & floorplans, contacting suppliers to set up delivery & set up timings.


I will also be respectful of the budget that you have set. As a

wedding planner, I am involved with the overall organisation of your wedding, right

from the beginning, and I work as a first point of contact & advocate for you from

start to finish.


It is my responsibility to ensure that your styling preferences are reflected

throughout the wedding, beginning with the style of the invitations, to the ceremony

and reception flowers, the place settings at each table, the music, the food, and the

wedding outfits plus so much more.

I’m with you for the WHOLE journey, not just on the day.


As a planner, I can suggest ideas to customise your wedding and make it uniquely your

own, something that you know I’m hugely passionate about. I look at the overall

logistics, acting as a liaison between you and the venue, sorting out the details and

helping put together a realistic timeline & itinerary for the entire day. Most

importantly, my first responsibility is to the two of you. I will be onsite on your wedding day, acting on your behalf to look after everything from start to finish.


A venue wedding coordinator is responsible for coordinating details about your actual event at the venue itself.


Whereas I - your wedding planner - am responsible for managing ALL of the details of your entire wedding.


So, did YOU know the difference between the 2 roles? Does YOUR venue have a coordinator included? If so, do you know for sure what their role is? Drop me a note in the comments with YOUR thoughts on this, I’d love to hear! Bxx