Getting to know Beckie Melvin

With a perfectly-formed range of wedding planning services here at Emerald Orchid Weddings, I wanted to give you some background on the person behind the name. After all, we're going to be getting to know each other very well over the process of planning your wedding so let's have a natter.


How many people here can honestly say that they love their job? Go on, be honest. Do you absolutely adore what you do, day after day, week after week, where even your worst day doing this role is better than your best day in any other role…? **Drop me a ❤️in the comments if this is you!**

I’m one of the lucky ones, I can honestly say that while this is the hardest job that I’ve ever done, it’s also the best. Ever. The role that couples ask me to play in their wedding planning ticks all my boxes & holds my heart!


But you know what? The number of tears that I shed over each of these wedding days! Good grief. It doesn’t matter how many times I wave a couple off down the aisle, or hear vows being taken, I will cry. Absolute soft touch!! I think that’s probably the most emotionally challenging part of my role you know, it’s taking on board all of these amazing love stories, hearing all these exciting plans, getting to know each couple for the beautiful people that they are,

putting together the most exceptional, best wedding day ever because each and every one deserves it…

Photo in the conservatory of Plum Park Manor wedding venue in Northampton. Beckie speaks to a couple about cutting their wedding cake. She wears a pink floral jumpsuit & is smiling. The couple are just seen to the left of the photo. he wears a grey suit. She wears a white, long sleeved lace wedding dress.

But here’s the thing, when you put your heart & soul into someone elses dream week after week, what does that leave for you? A wobbly, over-emotional wedding planner I can tell you!


How can I stay emotionally detached though, on a day that is meant to be filled with love, promise & emotion? I’ve not found a way yet, in my more-than-10-years as a wedding planner, and I don’t want to either. 


I don’t want to be cold, stand-offish, corporate, emotionally-unavailable. My couples love working with me because I throw myself into their wedding plans as if they were my own! So long may I continue to be the one hiding out of sight, dabbing my eyes with a tissue.


It’s an honour to be involved in people’s wedding days & I never take that for granted. I do however need to stop being a soft cow because the red-rimmed eyes ain’t a good look 😉 


That's how I feel during your wedding planning & on your wedding day, but let's have a moment to reflect on how you will feel. Close your eyes & envisage your wedding day. How does it look? how does it sound? How do you feel when you walk down the aisle? And when you walk into the venue, seeing all your best people smiling & full of joy at the prospect of hearing you say your wedding vows & celebrating with you? Can you feel that feeling of absolute joy & excitement & gratitude in your chest? Well good, because that's what I want you to remember. THAT is where we're heading!  All the wedmin & paperwork & logistics, will fade into the background when you step foot into your day. BLISS, right?

Now that you know how I feel as a planner & how YOU will feel on the journey & wedding day, email me here & let's talk about one of the ways in which I can support you in YOUR wedding planning journey.


With prices starting at just £47, I  guarantee I'm more affordable thaN you think.

I look forward to receiving your email 🙂 In the meantime, keep that joyful image & feeling in your heart. It'll be your wedding day reality soon enough.

Beckie x