An outdoor wedding table set up. The table is covered in moss, with blue champagne glasses & a blue gin bottle. There is a pink flower in the bottle, with ferns on plates in the foreground. There is a gold plinth in the middle of the wooden table.

What I want to see more of at weddings in 2024

I am known for being very anti-wedding-trend, because why should you follow in other people's footsteps when trying to create a wedding day that's personal to you?


Well, I stand by this! But I also have some favourite things that I want to see at more of the weddings in 2024.

Wedding trends are funny things. I have never really understood who sets these, or where they come from, but suddenly all weddings in a year are following the same format, colour scheme, dress shape…


Maybe they come from TV shows - The Kardashians & Real Housewives have a lot to answer for! Also to a certain extent reality TV such as Don’t Tell The Bride - that’s a good way to see what we shouldn’t do or definitely don’t want for your wedding, right?

Well, here are a few things that might be wedding trends in 2024, or they might not. I don't mind either way - I just want to see MORE of them!

Image shows a dark wooden table, laid with black slate mats, black plates, white napkins & gold cutlery. There is pink & white stationery to the left of the plate showing a menu, and to the top right of the plate showing the guest name. There are pink flowers with bright green leaves through the centre of the table. White candlesticks with tall black lit candles complete the wedding table scape.



I've lost count of how many people buy ALL the styling elements for t heir big day, because as a couple they're creative or love a bit of DIY or think they have lots of spare time.


It then takes up EVERY spare room & bit of space, cupboard, conservatory, loft, garage... Meaning it's all you can see. And then you start to put everything together & it takes up every spare minute of your day. When you're not working (& if you work from home, let's be honest, probably WHILE you're working!) or sleeping, you're creating.


On the day, you have to coerce a friend or family member into setting it up for you - and you won't be happy because you have such exact ideas. So you'll want to do it yourself, either by setting up at your venue the day before (STRESS!) or coming in on the morning (err NOT on my watch!!).


And afterward! Dear GOD it's just carnage. You're trying to find a home for 25 lanterns, 50 floral displays, you're trying to sell stuff on Marketplace to recoup about 10% of what you spent out...


Stop it. Just, stop it. Hire the items in from a stylist, save your sanity & your house AND the planet! We don't need more stuff going to landfill or gathering dust, and I promise you that HIRING not buying is the way forward for saving money. (If you need help sourcing suppliers who can create your vibrant & bold wedding day, then hit me up! You're very welcome to raid my little black book).


Your wedding ceremony is the most important part of the day, so make it count. Make it MATTER. Have words that actually mean something to YOU, that are personal to YOU, that haven't been repeated by 100s of couples before you.


You can't personalise your vows if a registrar is conducting your ceremony. Oh they'll tell you that you can! But it actually just means picking a couple of phrases from a pre-approved list, that EVERY. OTHER. COUPLE. has seen. Celebrants take the time to get to know you, your story, your quirks & fabulous personalities... & write this into a ceremony that will stay with you forever.

Want to know more about celebrants & their essential role in your big day? Then pop me a note & I'll get you in the know!

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Staying true to you is the backbone of Emerald Orchid Weddings & if you haven't heard me shouting YOUR DAY, YOUR WAY, then where have you been?!


So with this in mind, the next 2024 wedding trend that I want to see if couples continuing to embrace their gorgeous selves.


Quick aside: a wedding isn't a production or a show. it's about love & celebrating the next stage of your relationship with your loved ones. So please, let's not think we're putting on a stage show, trying to outdo each other with the showiest, most "unique" wedding. But DO make sure you're including elements that mean a lot to you & represent how far you've come.


Shared hobbies & interests, a certain song that means everything to you, a theme that encompasses your love of a certain colour - eg all things celestial... Does that make sense? Make it you, make it unique, embrace your relationship & joint personalities, but it's not about showing off, it's about showing UP.





This here, well it's a personal one. I see DOZENS of couples forge ahead with their planning, not entirely sure or confident in what they're doing, & then taking "advice" (& I use that term loosely!) from friends, family, work colleagues & online forums - basically from people who are not in the wedding industry.


I mean, it's lovely that people want to help, but sometimes it's just a recipe for trouble!


Would you like an example? I have a fair few, but here's one:


In an FB group last year, a bride-to-be posted that they had created the timeline for their day, & she asked for people's thoughts on it, whether it would work.


She had allocated an hour to each element - including her 3-course wedding breakfast for over 100 people 😱 (This alone would take around 3 hours, if not more, depending on various other elements such as food choice).


Hair & makeup had been organised, for 6 people, & the length of time? An hour.


No thought had been given to how she would travel to the ceremony & how long this would take.


Or after that, the amount of time to go from ceremony to photos, then travel to the reception venue.


My heart did about 257867 flutters at this point, & the worst bit? Those commenting on this Facebook group told her "Well done! This looks great! Can't wait to see how it looks when it's been printed!"


Here's the thing.


If you send that out to the venue & wedding coordinator, the caterer, the beauty people, well they're going to have kittens.


Because it isn't feasible. but this bride-to-be wouldn't have known this because she was being told "yeah, well done!" by randomers on the internet.


Please. For the love of shoes.

Ask for help when creating things like timelines & floorplans, supplier arrival & departure times, access for larger elements such as photobooths, electrical access... the list goes on!


No, it's not pretty or fun, but believe me, neither is having a caterer laugh at the thought of trying to feed 100 people in the space of an hour. Nor getting a supplier's truck stuck in a gateway because you haven't fully checked out the access routes, & in the background your beautiful printed timeline goes in the bin because it's not achievable.


Right I think this is enough food for thought for you to think over!


Which of these 4 not-wedding-trends have struck a chord with YOU? I would love to know more! Especially if you have your own thoughts to add - don't be shy! Leave me a comment or email me at & let's have a natter. Especially if you need help with logistics, because I can't bear the thought of inexperienced random people on FB groups giving you shite advice! 🤣 Come & use my knowledge, I really don't mind!


Have a wonderful day, stay beautiful & see you soon.

Much love,


In the picture is a bride in a rainbow dress, with bright coloured flowers, blue shoes & a floral headpiece. The groom is in a grey suit with white shirt & brown shoes. he is helping her walk across a blue bridge, at Flaxbourne Gardens, outdoor wedding venue in Milton Keynes.