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Partial Wedding Planning - the Orchid Sessions

Back at the start of 2023, I was introduced to fabulously funky Emma & Ash, where my partial wedding planning service "the Orchid Sessions" proved to be a real life-saver!

They came to me via another of my couples, Linda & Storm, who had been singing my praises when Emma expressed how frustrated she was by some of their existing wedding plans.


Emma & Ash's biggest worry in particular was that their wedding photographer had gone AWOL. The photographer hadn't been in touch for months, had cancelled out on their engagement shoot several times, & was now flat out ignoring all attempts at contact. Bit concerning!


So we started with a phone call, where the guys told me just what their worries were & the resolution that they wanted to see happen. This was to no longer be involved with the original wedding photographer, to get their substantial deposit refunded, and then to source a more reliable, guaranteed-gonna-be-there-on-the-day photographer.

Not a lot to ask, right?! Good job I love a challenge & have a cool, calm head...


And so I set about getting in touch with the photographer.

I called & left a voicemail, seemed a simple place to start!

I didn't hear anything, so I sent an email. Then a few days later, emailed again to check they'd received the attempts at contact, asking them to confirm.


Nothing. Despite me keeping the tone very light & gentle (after all, #bekind as you don't know what someone could be dealing with). So I sent a WhatsApp & looked out in excitement for the blue tick.




While awaiting that read receipt, I stalked their social media - which hadn't been updated in months.

I checked their website, but again no updates in a good while.


Then I saw that my WhatsApp had been read - result!! I sat patiently, awaiting the apology for the silence & a way to move the process forward... NOTHING!!


Good grief this was painful.


It was at this point, I turned corporate & formal.


It had been around 10 days / 2 weeks since the process had started & despite knowing the photographer was aware of the panic they were causing, there was still radio silence towards both my messages & my couple.


I emailed a VERY formal & stern message over, saying that if we didn't receive confirmation of receipt of message & confirmation that refund would be sent (to the account which I put into the email to avoid any hold up) within 5 days, we'd be proceeding to the next step of looking to recover the money.


Guys I'm not afraid to tell you, doing things this way made me feel sad! Weddings are meant to be light & love, right? Well, yeah they usually are, but sometimes we gotta face up to some difficult scenarios too.

Well lo & behold within a couple of hours, the photographer messaged myself & the couple. I took a MASSIVE deep breath then. Photographer apologised & gave excuses, confirmed the refund would be sent, & we were clear. Literally within the day the money was back with Emma & Ash, & we all did a little happy dance!


But now came the next part of the challenge.


With less than 2 months to go, we had to get another photographer on board. Well, it's a good job that in between sourcing AWOL photographer, I'd lined up 2-3 possibles, all within budget AND who had availability, so we were well on the way to sorting.


A couple of Zoom calls later, and Two-D Photography were booked. I LOVED hearing the relief in E&A's voices when they realised the whole debacle & panic was over!


Even better, they still had a good few weeks left with me in their pocket, so I helped them with the final details they were doing, including:

💚Supporting with their final venue (Zoom) meeting, making notes & raising questions that they may not have thought of. I also took notes & sent them over afterwards, meaning they could fully concentrate on the info that they were being given.

💚Pulled together delivery & supplier timelines for the day.

💚Answering vendor questions regards access times, placement & other details, to give E&A a few weeks head space.


Finally, I sent all their paperwork via post plus an “in case of emergency” box of items that I always carry at my own weddings - things like a mini sewing kit, various tablets & plasters etc.


They didn't need me there on the day, because we'd worked so hard together getting everything in place beforehand. Instead, the paperwork & box of tricks were handed to the venue staff & away they went, having a fabulous wedding.

You can read their feedback below & enjoy the wonderful photos captured by Two-D Photography too!

Want your own oasis in a sea of chaos? (Mix of analogies there, sorry!) Well, get in touch. Whatever scenario is causing you a headache, I GUARANTEE I can help untangle it with you, leaving you free to put your energy into enjoying the lead-up to your big day for those 8 weeks.


Email & tell me what you need support with.


Much love, Bxx

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