2023 wedding season - what a ride!

With just 3 days left of 2023 wedding season & WHAT a trip it's been! Pinch me... is this really what I get to do for a job?!

I found a few moments to download my thoughts in the midst of the back-to-back madness that has been yet another wedding season. I always feel a bit guilty that admin goes to the wall while I'm constantly onsite, but I also know I'm not alone in feeling like this! This year I also made the effort to spend more time with the family over the days off, & I have LOVED it! I'm sorry if you've missed my face & witty banter 😉

Overwhelmed in many ways, but embracing them all!

Beckie Melvin is a blonde wedding planner from Bedford, wearing a pink floral jumpsuit. She's smiling & pointing, wearing black glasses, & has floral tattoos on her arms. She is onsite at a tropical themed wedding, standing in a conservatory.

Since I started my wedding planning business over a decade ago, with every year that goes past I declare that THIS has been the best season ever. And possibly with the exception of 2020 & 2021 (bloody 'Vid!) I stand by those declarations. Every year I see countless love stories play out, I cry countless happy tears, I dance & sing my way through work & feel grateful every time that I have the honour to be involved in wedding planning & on-the-day wedding coordination.


From DIY weddings in tipis to luscious inner city hotel weddings, to rustic barn weddings, to weddings on the beach, and everything in between. No 2 wedding days are the same because no 2 relationships are the same.


Whether you want just a handful of your nearest and dearest at your micro wedding, or want a lavish guest list with EVERYONE attending your wedding day, make sure you're having your wedding day YOUR way.


That's where I find myself today, looking back on another exciting season (& still with 2 weddings to go this weekend) & wondering how I'll ever be able to top this year 🙂


How has 2023 treated you? Have you made inroads into your 2024 / 2025 wedding? Or has it got you more flustered than excited? It's easy for me to wax lyrical about how fun wedding planning can be, but to someone who's not done it before, it's bloody daunting! So don't feel bad if you're not loving every minute.


With a range of resources & wedding planning support services available, created with YOU in mind, I know I can help you find the joy again.


I can't wait to hear about what you've been up to! Send me an email on & let's have a tea & chat! Take care, Bxx

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