Beckie Emerald Orchid Weddings, wedding planner, is standing with a friend. She wears a pink floral jumpsuit. Her wedding celebrant friend Ann Foley wears a green dress. They are both looking at a document together. Beckie has blonde hair, Ann has brown hair, they stand in a conservatory at a wedding venue Plum Park Manor in Northampton.

The story behind Emerald Orchid Weddings

I never thought I’d be a wedding planner. The thought hadn’t even crossed my mind. My dream job (or it was before I started THIS dream job) was to be a special needs teacher, for kids around 5-10 years old. I actually started an Open University course to help me on my journey, but I ended up having a breakdown through stress from an awful boss I had in my corporate role. So I stopped learning, & after a few months off, returned to my corporate role.


Roll on a few years to 2011, a wedding & a baby later, and it’s time for me to get made redundant from my corporate job. Hey, no hate! My payout enabled me to set up as self-employed full time.  


My job of choice? A wedding planner.

Why? Well, by now you’ll know my story - how I feel I compromised on a lot of big elements of my wedding day - and I wanted others to avoid feeling like this after their own wedding.

I grabbed all the courses that I could. 

  • I studied. HARD! 
  • Exams. 
  • Coursework. 
  • Assessments. 
  • Accreditation. 
  • Onsite experience at various venues.
Beckie is blonde & laughing. Wearing a rainbow dress with blue bracelets. She has tattoos on her shoulders & stands in front of a wooden wall with green painted window.

I started to get known, and to get bookings. My business name at that time? Beckie Melvin Weddings. I know, not very inspiring lol. But it saw me good for a number of years.


But a change was coming, I could feel it. I wanted to support people that others saw as outsiders; quirky; a bit…. Odd. Because I myself am far from conventional, and it’s taken me years to find my true self & to actually show up as me, instead of what I’m expected to be. 


The rebranding to Bad Ass Weddings was a great decision, not only because it put me out there on the map for real this time, but also because it gave me that final confidence boost that I needed.


I was finally aligned with everything I believed in, rocking up to everything that I did as my own true self.




We’re now 3 years on from Bad Ass Weddings & while I loved it, I have changed. Oh don’t worry, I’m still unconventional & a bit weird. The best people are weird 😉


But my idea of who I wanted to serve had solidified into a slightly different image. I still want to support those who want to have an exceptional wedding.


I will bring my A-game to ANYBODY who needs help & direction with wedding planning. But if you asked me what my perfect wedding day was, well, it was less Rockabilly, & more… luxurious with an edge. 


And so my final rebrand came about. Emerald Orchid Weddings was born, & continues to make waves in the wedding industry. 


I am now over a decade into this fabulous journey, yet I continue to strive to be the best I can be, by learning all the time. I’m a bit of a bookworm, so learning & studying is relaxing for me. Plus it enables me to provide you with the exceptional service that you deserve.


Because after all, it’s your day, your way, with NO compromises. Instead, you’ll be owning the room & stepping into the spotlight, on the wedding day that you have envisioned & wanted.


So, that’s my journey to now. A few twists & turns, and a few new names, but still the funny blonde with a huge heart at its centre, wanting to give you all of her knowledge 🙂


Did you know all of this about me? Did anything surprise you about my story? I’d love to know you better too! Tell me below a surprising fact about YOU 🙂 Bxx