Wedding stress & overwhelm

Stress is sadly becoming part of our day-to-day lives, often creeping up on us without even realising.


There are SO many causes of stress, & it presents itself in many ways.



Let’s face it, planning a wedding can certainly tick a LOT of those boxes, right? You have a vision of what you want your wedding day to look like, but chances are you haven’t done this before. So you look to the internet for help. To blogs. To Facebook groups. To Instagram hashtags. To magazines. And so it goes, day after day, week after week, scrolling & asking questions that get conflicting answers, going in circles.


It’s time to stop. Take a step back, and take a huge deep breath. Followed by another 5. Then put those shoulders down & set the notebook aside.


Peaky blinders wedding bride, looking serenely to the side. She wears her dark red hair in an up do, with a pearl headband. Her wedding dress is cream lace & strapless. She holds a large bouquet of green fronds of foliage & purple flowers.

Stress has affected me in the past, I ended up quitting a job because I got so overwhelmed & stressed by the cruel narcissistic manager that I worked for. And since then, all those years ago, I’ve decided that I won’t let stress get the better of me.


I also don’t want YOU to be affected by stress when planning your wedding. There’s no need for you to become stressed, overwhelmed, or frustrated. You have support here with me - via my Facebook group “Orchids & Inspiration”, via email, we can Zoom or meet up… Please don’t let things get so bad that you can’t see a way forward. You have my guidance & I am honestly as excited about your wedding plans as you are yourself.


With this in mind, tell me; which part of wedding planning is proving to be particularly stressful or overwhelming right at this moment? Maybe it’s finding a funky florist? Perhaps table plans & timeplans of the day? Maybe you’re right at the start, newly engaged, and have no idea where to start? Don’t be shy, drop me a note back, & I promise you I’ll help you get untangled.


Oh! Also don’t forget that the wedding planning summit “ditch the wedding overwhelm” is happening on 7th & 8th November in the Facebook group, this is another way to regain your enjoyment & find the fun in wedding planning. It’s free & there’s epic prizes too, so head on over. 


With love, Beckie xx