Wedding planning & jigsaw puzzles

Picture this: You love jigsaw puzzles, you’ve been excited about getting a big jigsaw puzzle for AGES - think 1500 pieces of fun -  & finally someone gets it for you! RESULT!!


You set aside time, grab the box & open it. Now the cover of the box is blank, just a glossy riot of colours (maybe a print of tropical leaves?) but when you open the box, all the pieces don’t match the picture!

Oh bloody hell!

You start to panic & wonder how on earth you're going to do this puzzle, that you've been SO excited to do.


Peaky blinders wedding bride, looking serenely to the side. She wears her dark red hair in an up do, with a pearl headband. Her wedding dress is cream lace & strapless. She holds a large bouquet of green fronds of foliage & purple flowers.

So you tip out all the pieces onto your table and start trying to sort. You can easily find edge pieces and set those aside.

Although they’re difficult to put together without a picture to copy. 🤨

But you set them aside & carry on sorting. Next you gather up all the pieces of the same colour and make little groups of them, all over the table these piles of colourful pieces are growing and you can’t put any of them together… shit!!

You try a different method, this time sorting pieces by their shapes and grouping those together.


Again the piles grow and you’re diving into the box trying to find answers and holy crap you hate puzzles! You can’t believe you thought this would be fun. You’re not chilling, you’re seriously stressed. 

So you go online to have a mooch & distract yourself, and find yourself Googling “how to do a large jigsaw puzzle without any picture to copy”.

What comes up? A jigsaw specialist!!

This person has done hundreds of puzzles before, and even though each puzzle has a different result, they know just how to sort through everything to put all the pieces together in the right order & how to create a stunning picture.

You organise a chat with them, and realise that if you want to enjoy the puzzle-building process, you’re going to need someone to hold your hand & guide you through.


So you employ their services for their support, and guess what? You suddenly find your love of doing jigsaw puzzles again. You get your free time back, you enjoy putting it together and you adore having a fellow jigsaw puzzle fan with you.

Now, in case you hadn’t got the gist of this, I do love jigsaws (I actually do them as my own stress-reliever!) but mainly, I love weddings.


Wedding planning for a couple is certainly not dissimilar to doing a jigsaw without any instructions; you haven’t done this before & honestly have no idea where to start, which info to gather first, HOW to gather that info, what pieces go where…

However, I HAVE done this before, hundreds of times. Every wedding is different, but there are set ways of working, set patterns, set templates, set timings, etc. I can take you from being overwhelmed by all the pieces that you have to fit together, all the way through to the finished day, which exceeds your vision.

Sounds perfect, right? So get in touch & tell me which part of YOUR jigsaw has you puzzled. We can have a chat & I promise I’ll send you on your way feeling excited about the future 🙂 Bxx