Now, that’s a good question! You may know me already, but I’ll reintroduce myself. I’m Beckie Melvin & Emerald Orchid Weddings is my passion.

I design & create fabulous weddings for couples who realise that NOW is the time to step into the spotlight. You realise that it’s YOUR time to lead the day. You’re fed up with following your peers’ plans all the time. Instead, you are wanting to finally own your space, to make your vision a reality.

Couples can find wedding planning to be a complete labyrinth & it’s very easy to get lost! This is why a wedding planner is essential: to help you, hold your hand, guiding you through your exceptionally personal wedding.

The Melvin wedding…

My own wedding was quirky & funky on paper, but when I told friends & family about my plans, I had a lot of my ideas either scoffed at or downright crapped on. so, I ended up compromising on several (rather important) elements & even now, I’m angry.

However, I became a wedding planner as a result of this – because I’m determined to stop other couples feeling like they need to compromise. I have been there & done that, I know just how to avoid it happening again.

What do I do when NOT wedding planning??

When I’m not helping frustrated couples to actually enjoy their engagement, you can find me; drinking loose-leaf tea from one of my quirky teacups; waxing lyrical about Irregular Choice shoes (50 pairs & counting!); & making obscene comments about Tom Hardy 😉

I live in Bedford with my long-suffering husband, my young son, & the world’s worst Bulldog. Although based in Bedfordshire, I cover Buckinghamshire, London & Cambridge (& beyond!), with over 2000 wedding suppliers at my fingertips. I will go anywhere that couples need my support with their wedding planning. I’ve been a planner for over a decade & my passion for perfection has only increased over this time.

Get in touch

So, now you know all about me & how I can help you plan a gorgeous wedding day, that you’ll remember for years to come. But enough about me, what about you? I’d love to hear your vision for your wedding day, & to help you create a plan to achieve this. Please do download my brochure of services here, and then email me. We can have an informal chat about just what is causing you to lose sleep about wedding details, we can get you unscrambled, and we’ll put the world to rights. I can’t wait to hear you story! Beckie x