Image shows a dark wooden table, laid with black slate mats, black plates, white napkins & gold cutlery. There is pink & white stationery to the left of the plate showing a menu, and to the top right of the plate showing the guest name. There are pink flowers with bright green leaves through the centre of the table. White candlesticks with tall black lit candles complete the wedding table scape.

Someone asked me last week how the last 2 years have been for me as a business, and it really got me thinking. I wonder if anyone else shares my views on this? 


I found 2020 & most of 2021 frustrating and a little scary, especially as I was in the middle of rebranding the wedding planning business! However, my overall feeling is that it was heartwarming, and also disrupted the wedding industry in a good way. 


Pre-covid, micro weddings were barely on the radar, and if a couple wanted a tiny wedding then they were questioned on their choices. 


Once weddings were permitted again post lockdown, the joy that I saw from people finally able to say their vows was beautiful.


Micro weddings but maxed out with love, we showed the world that love cannot be cancelled - not even by a pandemic!


And we showed the world that small weddings are as beautiful as those with a larger guest list.


Now, micro weddings have entered everyday wedding planning terminology, which is wonderful to see. 


What type of wedding are YOU looking to have? I’d love to know if a micro wedding is in YOUR future.

Even if you’re looking to have a larger guest list, tell me your plans.

Whatever your dream day looks like, I can help you achieve this. So don’t be shy, let’s swap visions for wedding days below! Pop me an email if this has struck a chord with you, I'd love to chat about your ideas. Bxx