where to start with wedding planning

When you get engaged, you don’t realise just how much admin & paperwork is involved. Right? But here you are, a few months into your engagement, having barely done any planning because it’s overwhelming when you’re trying to keep up with having an actual life too!


And I get that, I really do. I’ve been where you are, I too have spent hours trawling Google & websites, social media & wedding directories; visiting wedding shows & open days, covering my coffee table in stacks of flyers, paperwork & freebies; wondering which supplier is best suited to creating the vision what I have of my perfect wedding day.


I also did this - just as you are right now - while working full time and trying to balance having a life outside of wedding planning.


However, I have something that you don’t have, and that’s over a decade working as a wedding planner, with over 100 weddings (and counting!) under my belt.


Wedding planning to the “lay person” is a massively overwhelming time, which is why I’ve created Emerald Orchid Weddings signature service.


When you’re short on time, the last thing that you need is the prospect of more paperwork and trawling the internet.


I have the ideal solution for you - let me introduce The Emerald Sessions.


These intense, 1-day wedding planning sessions are ideal for when you need professional guidance with you wedding planning but don’t have the time to put into months of work. 


Instead, after just one day of my one-to-one advice, you’ll go away knowing just what you need to be doing.


For the entire day, you’ll have uninterrupted access to my knowledge, my guidance, my expertise; together we’ll create a strategy for you to plan your wedding with full confidence in your decisions.


Seriously, 1-day wedding planning - can you spare that, for the sake of your sanity and spare time? To ensure that your wedding plans are faultless?


Talk about the perfect solution! 


So what now? Now you send me an email and I’ll tell you all about everything that I have created for you.


See you in my emails soon. Bxx