Wedding trends

Wedding trends are funny things. I never really understand where they come from, but suddenly all weddings are following the same format, colour scheme, dress shape…



Maybe they come from TV shows - The Kardashians & Real Housewives have a lot to answer for! Also to a certain extent reality TV such as Don’t Tell The Bride - that’s a good way to see what we shouldn’t do or definitely don’t want for your wedding, right?


But what if we didn’t follow trends? What if we just planned the wedding that WE wanted, that fits perfectly with OUR personality? They don’t have to look a certain way, but they do need to feel like the perfect fit. 


Vivienne - Content Section

Wedding trends are all well and good, as they give us a starting point when looking at what our big day could look like. You know me,  I fully encourage you to be as free-thinking as you can with your wedding planning. Don’t get drawn into following any trends that don’t fully light your soul up. 


That being said, recently I have noticed that that in itself is a trend. The trend to just do things how you want! To be true to your beautiful selves.


There is also still a strong rustic & DIY wedding theme, which I believe is because couples think that this will be the easiest (and possibly the most budget-friendly) way to go. But be warned, it is HUGELY involving. So be careful going that way, watch both your spare time when you’re creating every item, and also your budget because you will spend FAR more money than you planned when doing everything yourself instead of hiring items in.


The trend of being eco-conscious is also gathering pace, which sees couples plan in the most eco-friendly way that they can. For example, only choosing flowers that are in season; the same with choices for food; using local suppliers and vendors to keep down your carbon-footprint; renting decor items instead of buying; perhaps using items that you already have in your home as part of your wedding theme…


The strongest wedding trend though is definitely individuality. 


I have recently read a magazine where the featured weddings were themed around Steam Punk, then another with Star Wars.


These weddings are full to the brim with personality & joy. Steampunk is an awesome genre - a mix of the historical & modern, with science fiction & machinery thrown into the mix. Now THAT’S a strong theme, right? You can do so much with it!


Star Wars is also a personal favourite. I must admit that I’ve watched all the films countless times, the originals having come out when I was a child (yes I’m old enough to say that!). Then more recently I went to see Episode 1 on my first date with my husband, so happy memories are attached to that - even if the film itself isn’t at the top of people’s list haha. 


Both of these themes are obviously important to the couples planning them, but more than that they are making the effort to share these passions with their friends and family, by inviting them to their fabulous wedding.


Whatever your heart wants, whatever theme or dream fills your soul, make sure THAT is what you’re creating in your wedding. Sure, trends are a good start, but the end result is all down to you. Whichever way you go, remember to have your wedding, your way, with no compromises!


Until next time, Beckie xx