In business, we’re encouraged to have an ideal client in mind, so that we can direct our services in a streamlined and clear way.

For me, I don’t have an ideal client / ideal couple that I work with. Instead, I can tell you about those who find me, and that work with me the most.

Couples who are time-poor, who have got engaged then got themselves overwhelmed trying to plan a wedding while they also keep their down-time, plus they have a full-time job / role that takes up the majority of their days.

My favourite venues to work at are glasshouses. I adore the light and the fact that you can have for example a tropical-themed wedding in the winter months. I adore the atmosphere that these spaces provide, being a blank canvas and highly versatile. 

Give me more like this for sure!

So now I’ve told you my dream venue, what is YOURS? What does it look like? Tell me in the comments & let’s get excited for our visions! Bxx