Moody shot of Peaky Blinders wedding, groom with his groomsmen. The groom wears a tweed suit with red tie that is undone, he sits slouched in a chair. All the groomsmen wear dark grey 3 piece suits with white shirts. The groomsman at the forefront of the picture is looking into the mirror, while he shaves with an old fashioned razor.

Introducing The Orchid Sessions

Taking you from overwhelmed by wedding planning, to feet up, reclaiming your time, & loving your engagement!

Peaky Blinders wedding group shot in the foyer of Plum Park wedding venue in Northampton. Bride & groom in the centre, sitting on a bright blue velvet sofa. The wedding dress is strapless, cream lace with a train & the bride holds a large bouquet of green fronds of foliage & purple flowers. The groom has his arm around her, and wears a tweed 3 piece suit with red tie. 2 groomsmen stand to the back right, 1 wearing a dark grey 3 piece suit & the other wearing a tweed 3 piece suit. To the couples left, a bridesmaid sits on the arm of the sofa, wearing a bright red velvet dress & holding a matching bouquet of bright green foliage with red & white flowers. Finally a groomsman stands to the far left of the photo, wearing a dark grey 3 piece suit.

Congratulations! You're engaged and you want this to be not just the happiest day of your life but the happiest build up to the day too. But wedding planning is overwhelming and imagine for a second if all that stress can be taken away and you just focus on what you truly want your day to look and feel like. 

Let me introduce you

to The Orchid Sessions - 2 months of wedding planning support for overwhelmed couples wanting to plan their wedding, their way to create a day as exceptional as they are! Taking you from frustrated by wedding planning, to feet up & enjoying your engagement once again.


Peaky blinders wedding, bridesmaid sits in front of an oval mirror on a coral colured velvet chair. She wears a long, deep teal sating bridesmaid dress & has a bouquet of blue & white flowers.

Let me ask you…


  • Are you losing HOURS down a scroll-hole of wedding directories & social media accounts, looking for ideas - because let me tell you, you shouldn’t be! You're getting constant opinions & “helpful suggestions” from friends & family, whether or not you’ve asked for their input and it’s leaving you feeling more stressed than elated about planning your day?


  • Have you planned like crazy but have now hit the wall? Unable to pick up your paperwork yet another time at risk of throwing it out the window? This was just NOT what you thought planning your dream day was all about.


  • You feel more than ever the need to enjoy the process, but all this wedmin is taking over and you'd rather be picking flowers, outfits and that epic playlist to hand over to the band? 


  • You’ve probably also asked the question “why the hell didn’t we just elope??” (Don’t worry, EVERY couple hits that point in their wedding planning - you are not alone!)


You’ve organised the majority of your wedding plans. The perfect photographer has been booked. Gorgeous flowers have been arranged. Your venue stylist has a Pinterest board to DIE for. This wedding day is shaping up perfectly. Basically, you’ve spent MANY months working on your exceptional wedding day & you’re excited to see it all come together!

But here’s the thing. It’s taken over your life, just a bit, & it’s gone from fun to being just a little bit too much. But you are powering through, knowing that this is the only time you’re going to marry this fabulous person, so you want it to be perfect - You want to ensure everything runs as you envisage it! 

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Introducing The Orchid Sessions.

I wanted to create a service that gave YOU the support that you needed, at any point in your wedding planning journey. Something that you rarely get told is that EVERY couple reaches a point while planning their wedding that they go “why the bloody hell are we doing this?? Why didn’t we just elope?!” Have you reached that point yet? Well, it’s OK to admit it, because wedding planning can be a little all-consuming!

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My active role of working for you starts at any point, and includes 8 weeks of me supporting you with your wedding planning.

It starts with an initial meeting or virtual meet-up, to get to know each other better. I want to hear about you, your relationship, your personalities, your vision for your big day & everything related to your wedding.

You'll have the chance to ask me any questions at this meeting, I'm an open book & welcome open discussions - no such thing as a silly question! I want you to be comfortable with the path we’ll be walking together going forward for the next 8 weeks.

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Whether you’ve booked 1 or 100 wedding suppliers, I will check contracts for you, then create workable timelines for payments & delivery, removing all the stress from your shoulders.

If there are any suppliers missing from your list, then I will help you to source them. Ones that are in budget, available AND (most importantly) bloody fabulous humans who you’ll get on with perfectly.


What's more, I act as the first point of contact, to reduce stress & admin levels during these 8 weeks of your engagement. This means you can actually have your life back, without losing hours down a scroll-hole. Winning!

This can be for wedding suppliers, & also guests if you would like to keep them from overloading you. I mean, how many times can you answer a WhatsApp about taxi companies & where to stay?!


If you have taken up the 2 months wedding planning in the last part of your engagement, then I have an extra treat for you.

During the week before your wedding, you'll be presented with your very own, personalised wedding bible, which you can give to any member of your wedding party.

This folder will contain:

  1. timelines,
  2. floorplans,
  3. contact details for everyone involved,
  4. confirmation if the times they're arriving / departing,
  5. where they'll be setting up,
  6. what they'll be bringing with them (inc photos & descriptions)
  7. copies of contracts
  8. plan B AND plan C including supplier details where necessary
  9. wet weather plan (if having an outdoor wedding)

PLUS an emergency kit that I carry to all my weddings for on-the-day coordination 

An off-site wedding coordinator is surely power in your pocket! All the assistance, without the price-tag.


This is the perfect option

for overwhelmed couples just like you, who want to enjoy their engagement & know that plans are in place for the perfect wedding day.  For an investment of just £947 for 2 months of my expert support AND a working plan for your gorgeous day to run smoothly, with nothing left to chance & everything you’ve ever dreamed of.  That’s right, usually a minimum of £5000 for my wedding planning services, but the Orchid Sessions are just £947. Email to book YOUR time into my diary -

I can't wait to hear all of your ideas. Beckie x

Bride and groom at peaky blinders wedding. They raise a glass to each other & gaze into each others eyes. There are silver candles in the foreground, and crystalware on the table. The groom wears a tweed suit with white shirt & black polkadot tie. The bride wears a strapless cream lace wedding dress, with a pearl headband on her hair. She has black floral tattoos on her upper arm. Both look blissfully happy!